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Mae Fah Luang University Hospital
Using a combination of conventional and alternative, the Mae Fah Luang University hospital provides students, staff, and community members with diagnostic services, medical treatment from a physician, dental services, dermatology services, and holistic health services. Additionally, the hospital provides training services to students.
Computer Laboratory
This computer laboratory is a center filled with electronic educational tools to supplement students' learning and training activities, high-performance computers that aid students studying in IT programs.
MFU Book Center
This is a center for distribution and sale of books, educational materials, and stationery for students, lecturers, and university staff, as well as the general public.
Auditorium and Conference Hall
MFU's auditoria and conference halls are fully equipped with modern audiovisual facilities. They serve both the university and other organizations as venues for seminars, training programs, symposia and conferences.
Food Centers
The canteens on the second floor of D1 Building and on the ground floor of E1 Building are open from 6am to 10pm. In addition, the Faculty Union cafeteria, which is open from morning to evening, and the food shops near 7-11, which are open from 5-10 pm, give students and staff a greater variety of dining options.
Indoor Stadium and Sports Center (Chalermprakiat Building)
This is a multi-purpose indoor stadium offering various indoor sports facilities as well as fitness rooms, open to MFU students, staff, and the public to promote sports activities and exercising.
Outdoor Track & Field Stadium
This stadium offers a full-size field for sports and events, as well as a running track.
Fitness Park
This park offers a running/biking course, as well as different exercise stations to ensure that students and staff have the opportunity to stay fit in a natural environment.
Wanaphirom Park
This is an arboretum-like park where arboricultural attractions can be appreciated.
Post Office
A licensed on-campus post office offers post services such as mailing and receiving of letters and parcels at the 1st floor of D1 building.
Currently, there are three banks located on campus—Bank of Ayudhya, Government Savings Bank, and Bangkok Bank Public Company. The banks are open for use by the staff, students, and the general public.
EVT-Zero Emission Campus Transportation Vehicles
Inside the university, fee transportation is provided for students and faculty around campus in the form of EVT vehicles.
Mae Fah Luang University is a wireless campus, providing access to information at any point within the University.
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