•   Academic Year 1/2017  
Bachelor's Degree

School Degree Academic Programme Length of Programme

  B.Sc. Food Science and Technology 4 years
  B.Sc. Postharvet Technology 4 years

Cosmetic Science
  B.Sc. Beauty Technology 4 years
  B.Sc. Cosmetic Science 4 years

Health Science
  B.ATM. Applied Thai Traditional Medicine (Majors are taught in Thai) 4 years
  B.Sc. Environmental Health 4 years
  B.Sc. Occupational Health and Safety 4 years
  B.PT. Physical Therapy (Majors are taught in Thai) 4 years
  B.P.H. Public Health (Students must be fluent in Thai) 4 years
  B.Sc. Sports and Health Science 4 years
  B.CM. Traditional Chinese Medicine:
- Foundation Chinese (2 semesters) (Students who have passed HSK Level 3 are exempted)
- Standard Academic Study (8 semesters)
- Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China (2 semesters)
Foundation year + 5 years

Information Technology
  B.Eng. Computer Engineering 4 years
  B.Sc. Computer Science and Innovation 4 years
  B.Eng. Information and Communication Engineering 4 years
  B.Sc. Information Technology 4 years
  B.Sc. Multimedia Technology and Animation 4 years
  B.Eng. Software Engineering 4 years

Liberal Arts
  B.A. English 4 years
  B.A. Thai Language and Culture for Foreigner 4 years

  B.Acc. Accounting 4 years
  B.B.A. Aviation Business Management (International Aviation Logistics Business) 4 years
  B.B.A. Aviation Business Management (Aviation Operations) 4 years
  B.B.A. Aviation Business Management (Aviation Services) 4 years
  B.B.A. Business Administration 4 years
  B.Econ. Economics 4 years
  B.B.A. Hospitality Industry Management 4 years
  B.B.A. Logistics and Supply Chain Management 4 years
  B.B.A. Tourism Management 4 years

  B.Sc. Applied Chemistry 4 years
  B.Sc. Biotechnology 4 years
  B.Eng. Materials Engineering 4 years

Social Innovation
  B.A. International Development 4 years

  B.A. Chinese Studies 4 years



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