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          There are several green university ranking (or rating) systems however most are limited to North America and European universities. In order to fill the gap, Universitas Indonesia developed an international ranking system, UI’s Green Metric University Sustainability Ranking (GreenMetric). The first ranking was in 2010.
          The revised scorecards for 2013 ranking comprise of 6 areas:
1. Setting and Infrastructure 15%
2. Energy and Climate Change 21%
3. Waste 18%
4. Water 10%
5. Transportation 18%

For more information, please visit UI’s website.
          สรุปผลการจัดลำดับมหาวิทยาลัยสีเขียวประจำปี 2557 ของ GreenMetric World University Ranking 2014 และแผนการดำเนินการประจำปีการศึกษา 2558...อ่านรายละเอียด
    Sustainable projects
 Training on vermicompost at Wat Muen Put Witthaya   (08-12-2014)
 Biotech inter conference   (27-11-2014)
 The Village land development volunteers observed vermiculture at MFU   (26-11-2014)
 Safe food MFU   (18-11-2014)
 Clean City, Happy People Project, Chiang Rai Municipality   (04-11-2014)
 Special Lecture on Maritime Enforcement   (03-11-2014)
 Forest Fire Watch Project   (28-10-2015)
 Fragrant Dorm Project   (28-10-2015)
 Green Environment Training Project   (28-10-2015)
 Organic Compost Project   (28-10-2015)
 Vertiver Grass Project for Landslide Prevention   (28-10-2015)
 Plastic Bags Reuse Training Project   (28-10-2015)
 Vermiculture Training Project   (27-10-2015)
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