College of Agriculture and Life Science, Seoul National University, KOREA Discuss Prospective Collaboration with School of Agro-Industry, Mae Fah Luang University

Asst. Prof. Dr. Matchima Naradisorn, Acting dean of school of Agro-Industry, together with its faculties and staffs welcomed Prof. Kwan-Hwa Park from school of Agricultural Biotechnology, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University, Korea on June 23, 2016.

Prof. Park’s visit focused on the discussion about the prospective to establish the collaborations on education and to strengthen the research networks between the two Universities.  At this preliminary discussion, the tentative collaborative plans were deliberated for the college of Agricultural and Life Science and School of Agro-Industry to pursue in the forthcoming fiscal year. More bilateral meetings were expected between the two Universities to further the discussions for collaborations.

At this event, Prof. Park also delivered his talk on the topic of “Enzymatic synthesis of iso-maltooligosaccharides and their health benefits” to the graduate students of school of Agro-Industry, Mae Fah Luang University.