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In conformity with, and pursuit of the philosophy of the School of Law, its objectives are:

  • to establish a quality, modern program of study appropriate for a changing society;
  • to ensure academic development through ongoing assessment and improvement of the curriculum;
  • to provide students with a comprehensive, well-rounded education far beyond the sole study of law;
  • to be a center of graduate study in the Greater Mekong Sub-regionĀ  (GMS) by expanding the opportunity for legal education and responding to the increasing demand for higher education of the people in the upper North of Thailand;
  • to improve the quality of teaching and ultimately the quality of learning by encouraging and providing lecturers with opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills by studying in-country and abroad;
  • to support and encourage lecturers to apply their knowledge and use modern technology to do research which is relevant to, and can be utilized to address local, national and international problems and needs, especially those of the GMS;
  • to educate students in substantive law, to train them to have the ability to understand and analyze laws, and to be able to apply the law to solve real world legal problems;
  • to produce high-quality law graduates who are ready to practice in the legal profession and who can respond to the needs of society;
  • to share knowledge of the law and to provide legal aid to the people;


School of Law, Mae Fah Luang University
2nd Floor, E2 Building, 333 Moo 1 Tasud Muang Chiang Rai 571000 Tel. & Fax (6653) 916-857