This program is to provide all of you an opportunity to exchange ideas, to discover new trends in education, to collaborate and discuss about new learning methods and various issues related to English language.

Master of Arts in English for Professional Development

Teaching and Learning

This program is taught mainly in English.


Plan A Plan B

Core course

Elective course



15  units

9  units

12  units

36  units

Core course

Elective course

Independent Study


15  units

15  units

6  units

36  units

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Sample Courses


Core courses

–  Research Methodology

–  English Linguistics

–  Socio-cultural Aspects of English Language

–  Discourse Analysis

–  Advanced Academic Literacy

Elective courses

–  Translation Methodology

–  Second Language Acquisition

–  Principles of English Language Teaching

–  Curriculum and Materials Design for English Language Teaching

–  Assessment in English Language Learning

–  Statistics for Quantitative Research

–  Quantitative Research

–  Qualitative Research

–  Corpus Linguistics

–  Pragmatics

–  Consecutive and Simultaneous Translation

–  Multimedia Application

–  Innovations in English Language Learning

–  Internationalization: Context, Policy, and Practices

–  Learning in Organization: Management and Leadership

–  Seminar on Contemporary Issues